Check out these reviews from some of our amazing patients!
Karen cruz
Karen C.
00:09 14 Jan 22
muy buen doctor los recomiendo 👍 really nice doctor to go there to get a treatment for weight loss love it
Brean Simms
Brean S.
23:02 13 Jan 22
I'm always treated with kind, quick service when I come. The staff and Dr. Scheiner are very professional and accommodating.
Brandon P
Brandon P
23:07 12 Jan 22
This is the best place to go to lose weight. I was skeptical at first. But have been doing the program and it works great!!! Started at 292lbs and down to 192lbs. Dr. Marc scheiner is amazing.
Kaitlin Cammock
Kaitlin C.
17:12 07 Jan 22
Great place with great staff!
Joyce Armah
Joyce A.
23:29 20 Dec 21
Highly recommend!! Great customer service!
Nicole Pritchett
Nicole P.
22:08 20 Dec 21
Great people! Great place love the different features they have!! Been going for years!! Highly recommend
Devin Johnson Carroll
Devin Johnson C.
18:37 20 Dec 21
Great service!
Kenneth Clymer
Kenneth C.
18:33 09 Dec 21
Great experience, wonderful practice
Ryan Beyer
Ryan B.
22:59 08 Dec 21
Dr. Scheiner is awesome. He has answered all questions I’ve had about the process in a way that was easy to understand, and also helped me to change my eating habits. I have been coming to Cecil Derm since August and thus far have lost 50 lbs. with no intent of stopping.
Nicole Stewart
Nicole S.
00:26 07 Dec 21
Love Dr S and all the girls in the office! Such amazing caring people 💞
Kimberly N
Kimberly N
15:57 06 Dec 21
Highly recommend if you’re serious about weight management. Dr. Marc and his staff are amazing. So kind and helpful. Dr. Marc tells you exactly what you need to do to be successful with the program.
L McPhail
L M.
16:48 11 Nov 21
I am excited about my results that I was able to accomplish with Dr. Scheiner. I initially started my weight loss journey feeling uncertain, depressed and unmotivated. Thank You 😊 to Dr. Scheiner’s approach and weight loss program I was able to successfully to surpass my weight loss goals.
suzette Garcia
suzette G.
19:27 02 Nov 21
This is a wonderful place to go to get help with losing weight. Everyone in the office is so helpful.
20:34 26 Oct 21
Wonderful service great staff
Michael Hinspeter
Michael H.
17:14 26 Oct 21
Very pleased with the professionalism and results.
Nancy Nhernandez
Nancy N.
20:54 25 Oct 21
Every Great doctorsEvery nice and professional and quick
Maddie Jordan
Maddie J.
20:44 21 Oct 21
Great and fast service. Loved doctor Scheiner; he was fast and nice.
Morgan porter
Morgan P.
20:43 21 Oct 21
Best experience in the world. Not only is the staff exceptional but Dr. Scheiner is so nice and helpful with the whole process!
Kyna Baker
Kyna B.
20:14 21 Oct 21
Dr. Marc has helped lose and keep off 30 pounds!!!
Susan Carpenter
Susan C.
19:53 19 Oct 21
I love this office! Dr S is so attentive and made me feel so comfortable.
Chablis Reese
Chablis R.
13:42 14 Oct 21
I highly recommend anyone seeking assistance with weight management to promote a healthier life journey definitely check out this practice. The members of the care team are warm and extremely welcoming. Cheryl always greets you with an infectious smile and Kelly’s professionalism is always intact. Dr. Scheiner is simply fantastic and makes you feel comfortable. No need to have any fears when you enter the facility just know it is truly a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. Don’t delay your weight management goals any longer, go visit Cecil Dermatology, I promise you will not be disappointed.
Martha Sarria
Martha S.
13:02 14 Oct 21
Excellent doctor! Helped me so much with getting extra pounds off and helping me through the process in a healthy progress way 🙂
Jessics Grullon
Jessics G.
18:07 11 Oct 21
Amazing He is very attentive and listens to you’re weight Goals love love love
Jennifer Menaker
Jennifer M.
16:27 08 Oct 21
The doctor is the best! Been coming for 2 years highly recommend.
14:20 08 Oct 21
I’ve been seeing the Dr for only a month so far but I feel better than I have in years. The medication helps along with proper diet and exercise so I feel I can finally take control of my health again. Totally worth the visit!
Donna Lee
Donna L.
14:10 08 Oct 21
Great place to go. Very friendly and punctual. My results have been amazing.
Marycarmen Gregory
Marycarmen G.
21:16 07 Oct 21
I highly recommend this office. Dr. Marc and staff is amazing. I have lost 20 pounds since I started coming to this office.
Chanel Henderson
Chanel H.
14:37 01 Oct 21
Very nice and helpful doctor (:
Pia Z
Pia Z
16:51 23 Sep 21
I have been visiting for the past few years and the team is amazing and so friendly and accommodating. When I have had to move or reschedule an appointment, they make it fit into my schedule. Cheryl is a doll. Dr. Schneider is professional and kind but also ensures the health of the patient and their needs!!
Ash Green
Ash G.
18:30 21 Sep 21
Friendly staff that makes you feel welcome from the moment you step thru the door
Marques hayman
Marques H.
15:31 21 Sep 21
Dr. Scheiner, has been great! Friendly and Excellent staff. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Scheiner to anyone! Whether it’s skin care or weight management, Dr.Scheiner is the man to go to!
18:22 07 Sep 21
So thankful for Dr. Scheiner! He has helped me so much with my weight loss.
Onza Brown
Onza B.
15:34 27 Aug 21
They are absolutely amazing 🤩 love my dr
lindsey haneschlager
lindsey H.
14:42 27 Aug 21
I highly recommend Dr. Scheiner for weight loss help. Even if it’s just for a jump start. On the plus side, it’s an energy boost which this full time hospital worker and single mother of 2 needs. Him and his staff are always wonderful and pleasant. I have been going to him for years.
emma lam
emma L.
17:12 26 Aug 21
Dr. Scheiner is awesome! Lost 14 lbs in a month and learned a lot about what to eat and what not to eat. Everyone in the practice is great. Even when I had to reschedule an appointment twice! Love this place!
sara rodriguez
sara R.
14:39 24 Aug 21
Dr Marc and his staff are amazing! In one yr I have lost 81 pounds. I could not have done this without the sincere dedication that Dr. Marc has towards his patients he takes a personal approach to every individual that enters his office and helps to formulate a new healthy eating plan for all his clients. I am personally grateful to Dr Marc, Cheryl, Kelly for all they have helped me to attain in my journey to a healthy life.
Marlayne Bailey
Marlayne B.
14:06 24 Aug 21
Totally recommend for anyone interested in medical weight loss program! The staff are extremely friendly and professional. I lost 52 lbs and counting! As with any diet regimen you must also watch your calorie intake and exercise but it's definitely worth a try!
Laura Pierson
Laura P.
23:14 16 Aug 21
I owe Dr. Scheiner a huge thank you for getting me over the difficulty of beginning to loose weight! I am continuing to reach my weight loss goals with his help. Welcoming and friendly staff, it is always enjoyably coming to see the crew. Thank you!
Theresa Hutchins
Theresa H.
20:56 16 Aug 21
What a great experience. I’ve done very well losing weight. Dr. Scheiner is wonderful!!
deborah torres
deborah T.
19:04 16 Aug 21
Great clean place and really professional
Shelbee Thomas
Shelbee T.
19:11 10 Aug 21
Love the office. Very friendly staff
Tia Giorgini
Tia G.
19:23 03 Aug 21
The staff and Dr Scheiner are great here! Very helpful and knowledgeable. Always friendly!
Lauren Pingitore
Lauren P.
17:39 03 Aug 21
Wonderful doctor and staff
Sydie Rodriguez
Sydie R.
21:37 02 Aug 21
Awesome experience! Lost 22 pounds in 6 weeks!!
Dawn Taylor
Dawn T.
20:53 02 Aug 21
Dr. Schriener is awesome! Lost 27 pounds on his program! Still have more to go!!
Sandra Castaneda
Sandra C.
20:47 02 Aug 21
Dr. Scheiner is always so nice! Love this place!
Mike Doss
Mike D.
20:41 02 Aug 21
This is a great practice. Very personable and friendly staff.